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I. General Terms and Conditions of Use for VEROO Websites


I.1. Scope of Applicability and scope of services

(1) These terms and conditions apply to the use of the websites provided by VEROO GmbH (hereafter “VEROO”).

(2) This page contains the website’s general terms and conditions of use. By accessing or using the website (hereafter "using"), all users and visitors (hereafter "users") acknowledge the validity of the general terms and conditions of use. VEROO reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time at its own discretion.

(3) Alternatives for registered users:
By clicking on the “Agree” or the “Send” button, users agree to the website’s terms and conditions as being binding to them. VEROO reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at its own discretion. Users must again consent to the amended terms and conditions as described above by clicking on the “Agree” or “Send” button if they wish to continue availing themselves of the services of VEROO.

(4) VEROO offers industry and company-related information for clients, carriers, shippers and requesters on its website. Some services are only accessible for registered users.

(5) VEROO is entitled to discontinue the website in whole or in part and to alter content and services at its sole discretion. VEROO does not guarantee uninterrupted availability of its website. No claims may be asserted with respect to the use or maintenance of the VEROO website.

I.2. Copyright / Intellectual Property

(1) VEROO or its contractual partners hold copyright on the entire website (illustrations, texts, trademarks, images, videos, graphics). By using the VEROO website, the user shall acquire no licence or exploitation rights with regard to the rights covered under the website (e.g. intellectual property rights, copyrights and related rights, etc.). Without prior written consent from VEROO, its website content (including trademarks, designs, images, texts and parts thereof) may not be altered, copied, reproduced, used, amended or otherwise exploited. The reproduction, exploitation or application of those materials which are expressly offered for use shall be exempted from the above prohibition.

I.3. Liability

(1) VEROO shall only be liable for damage incurred by a user in connection with using the VEROO website, if such damage is caused through wilful intent or gross negligence.

(2) VEROO shall not be liable for direct, indirect or consequential damage or loss incurred by a user, irrespective of whether ensuing from contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, provided that such damage or loss falls into one of the following categories:

(i) Loss of profit and consequential damage
(ii) Accidental losses and loss of profit
(iii) Loss of business opportunities
(iv) Loss of goodwill and data

(3) VEROO has taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information posted on its website is correct and complete at the time of posting. VEROO makes no representations, warranties or guarantees with respect to the information provided on our website, such as downloads, services offered by third parties, external links or other content, which are being used or taken either directly or indirectly from our website or which are accessible there. VEROO also reserves the right to make changes or amendments to the posted information without prior notice.

(4) VEROO shall not be liable for damage caused through improper or incorrect use of a user’s account by a user himself, or due to misuse or loss of ID features or data stored by a user.

I.4. Availability

(1) VEROO endeavours to keep its website operating and accessible without interruption (i.e. to the extent possible according to current technical, commercial, operational and organisational standards).

(2) VEROO assumes no warranty or guarantee that its website or its content be available uninterruptedly or at all, that it be free of errors or that errors will be corrected; nor does VEROO warrant or guarantee that its website or tools (e.g. servers) are free from viruses or other hazardous components. To the fullest extent permitted by law, VEROO expressly excludes any liability on its own part for damage of whatever kind which may result from the provision of its website or tools.

(3) VEROO accepts no liability for downtimes due to technical difficulties or other problems.

I.5. External links

VEROO website contains external links to other third-party websites. VEROO has no influence on the availability, quality and content of the externally linked websites; it assumes no responsibility for the content of external websites which might violate applicable law or otherwise result in user damage.

I.6. Passwords and user accounts

(1) Some services are only accessible for registered users. After a user registers and VEROO verifies the registration, the user receives a password enabling him to access the user account.

(2) Users are responsible for safeguarding password secrecy and any other such similar information if applicable, as well as for all activities that result from the user account. Any unauthorised use of a user account or other breach of security must be reported to VEROO immediately. The user´s partner number is required for the registration of user accounts and/or subscription applications. Users are not authorised to disclose or provide partner numbers or passwords to other persons. Any such password disclosure by a user may result in deletion of the user account and/or cancellation of his subscription.

(3) Data, content and information provided to a user on the basis of his user account may not be passed on to unauthorised third parties.

(4) VEROO reserves the right to authorise or reject registration of or application for a subscription service without stating its reasons therefor. Furthermore, VEROO is entitled to block any user account or any subscribed service without stating its reasons therefor.

I.7. Uploading of harmful material

VEROO prohibits any uploading of computer programmes, files and other content containing harmful and/or disruptive features such as viruses, manipulated files, “hidden“ files (e.g. images integrated into audio files), worms, trojans and bots for purposes of scrolling, displaying several screens and for other activities which could disrupt the website’s integrity and proper functioning or might disturb online communication in general.

I.8. Online attacks

(1) Any and all online attacks on VEROO website and data related to VEROO and/or individual users is expressly forbidden.

(2) Any online attack shall lead to immediate disqualification of the user and shall be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.

II. Other terms

II.1. Place of jurisdiction

This contract is subject to Austrian law. The Vienna City Centre Commercial Court has jurisdiction over dispute settlements. Austrian law shall apply exclusively, precluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods – CISG and any and all principles on conflict of law as set out in Austrian international private law.

II.2. Changes and amendments, severability clause

(1) Changes and amendments to this contract may only be made in writing. Verbal subsidiary agreements shall be ineffective.

(2) Should one or more provisions set out in this contract be ineffective for whatever reason, the validity of the remainder of the contract shall not be affected.

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